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Not just the
"Social Network Diva"
Well known socialite turned celebrity, Mika Stefano recently lost over 30kgs. 
During his weight loss journey he fell in love with fitness and decided to study with Tri Focus Fitness Academy.
​He is a proud ambassador of Biogen and Planet Fitness.
​He is also an ambassador for Sorbet Man, The Laser Beautique, Med Aesthetique and Sandton Beauty Clinic.
Mika Stefano is also a qualified SWEAT 1000 instructor and teaches at the BluBird studio in Johannesburg. 

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  1. Eat Well, Live Well
    We all know diet is just as important as regular exercise - if not, even more important. So I was thrilled to learn about a new campaign called the Eat Well Live Well campaign. The idea is simple, certain healthier food options have been identified and have received the Eat Well Live Well logo. This helps make grocery shopping easier for you. Instead of just buying what you think is the healthier option, you now have a second opinion. Look for the Eat Well Live Well logo and know you are
  2. Outdoor Boot Camp Launched at Planet Fitness Wanderers
    Outdoor Boot Camp Launched at Planet Fitness Wanderers On the 29th October, Planet Fitness launched their outdoor boot camp, filled with everything from Tyre flips, tyre pulls and a small outdoor obstacle course.  It is hosted by the well known celebrity trainer (who was actually my very first trainer) Caz Abrahams and the Wanderers Wellness Manager, Elijah. These two guys had everyone running around and working up a sweat.  There is something awesome about training outdoors - and luckily
  3. What is fasted cardio?
    What is fasted cardio? Fasted cardio is something I did when I lost all my weight. Funny thing is I didn’t know I was doing it – but I was. So if you still have no idea what fasted cardio is – let me explain it to you....
  4. Interview with Maps Maponyane
    I met up with SA’s sexiest man, Maps to find out how he stays in shape. Balancing a busy lifestyle of early morning shoots, travelling, late night events and still trying to be healthy - sounds like a challenge. But Maps lets us know how he does it…