What they had to say....

  1. Mika Stefano exceeded my expectations as an instructor. He really knows what he is doing and that was motivating for us as a group, plus he made it fun.
    Bohang Moeko @Bohang
  2. He is an inspiration and the sassy touch he puts to a class is a right treat. I felt energized and entertained after doing his class!
    Danine Naidoo @Danine_Naidoo
  3. Mika made me feel like I could push my body to a whole new level. He made me want to push for more whilst making sure I did not want to give up...
    Pappa Snoopy @PappaSnoopy
  4. Mika Stefano's SWEAT 1000 class is not only great for a healthy body, it is also the cornerstone of high-powered, creative work out...
    DNA Brand Architects
  5. I enjoyed how Mika kept us motivated throughout! His playlist was on point! He is such an inspiration with his impressive weight loss and life style change.
    Valentine Gaudin @ValentineGaudin
  6. Mika Stefano is living the fitness lifestyle, so for me there's no better instructor than one who leads by example. Mika Stefano pushes us in a class whilst paying attention to each individual strength and encourages everyone to challenge themself
    Cindy Nkomo @cherrie_e_fit
  7. As per Mika's standards it was fun and colourful! Most of all he made us sweat. We did new techniques I hadn't done before and felt great afterwards.
  8. Mika is an inspiration, It's super tough on a good day getting through a SWEAT 1000 class - but Mika is there every sweaty step of the way, pushing you past your mental limits.
    Zakeeya Patel @ZakeeyaPatel
  9. I fell in love with his energy and effort to mix up the classes, experiment with new ideas and make working out fun, interesting and challenging. He makes me smile, sweat and occasionally swear under my breath.
    Rozanne Immerman @RozanneImmerman
  10. He has truly reinvigorated my motivation and enthusiasm for exercise. His routines are top notch, music playlists are amazing and the atmosphere of his classes remind me how much fun working out can be.
    Morgan Mandeville @MorganTMandeville